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28 January 2013

Happy New Year !!!

I just wanted to pop by to wish you all a Happy New Year and to thank you all for your patience !!!

We arrived in the US four weeks ago and time has flown by!! We have been busy house hunting, car researching and registering to all the local authorities and school... We moved in Europe quite a lot, but moving to a different continent is a lot more work :-)

So I am not quite back yet (and I won't be until we receive our shipment and all my craft and party things in 2 weeks) but I have been shopping and I had to share some good finds with you !

The big advantage of living in such a diverse community is that we have access to shops from around the world! And one I discovered when moving to the Bay Area is Japanese store Daiso. The perfect place to stock up on Bento boxes !
I have been inspired by the Bento creations of Jill from Meet the Dubiens for ages, and I have finally found the perfect boxes to start making some myself... (each for $1.50 ! What a bargain!!)

I also found those adorable cupcake cases there.

Another store I discovered is of course Target ! And I am already in love with their dollar bin !
I bough some really cute Valentine plates for the kids when we arrived but I'll try not to go too often, it could become very addictive ;-)


  1. Those bento boxes would be great for spring picnics!

  2. The dollar section of Target gets me every time I walk into the store.

  3. je suis contente que tu commences à te faire à tout cela : Michaels, Joanne, tu as essayé ?


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