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18 December 2012

Christmas treats table

Since the move is using up all my energy and time, I haven't been able to create a Christmas table this year. I am having a hard time accepting that I simply cannot do any xmas craft or baking....

So to compensate a bit, I have decided to repost the Hansel and Gretel Table I did last year. I have had so many new readers in the past few months that this might actually be new to many of you !
Have a lovely holiday season.

I had this vision of Hansel and Gretel discovering the gingerbread house surrounded by a very tempting forest of sweet. I wanted to create a table that would be exciting for the little ones but still had a rustic woodland feel.

I am pleased with the result, and I hope you will like it too...

Ferrero Raffaelo Tower

Vanilla cupcakes with chocolate gingerbread men toppers 

Chocolate lollipops

Christmas pudding truffles

Thank you favors:
Felt ornaments

On the sweet side...
Candy bar

Mini Marshmallow topiary

Chocolate cupcake with Candy Cane hearts

Vendor credit:
Candy Christmas Printables from Shindig Parties

Linky parties


  1. trop trop beau ... bon courage pour le déménagement

  2. This is just so charming...and tempting, too, with all those fabulous sweets!


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