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8 August 2012

Meeting Bird from Bird' Party !

A couple of weeks ago I had the great pleasure of meeting Bird from Bird’s Party. We had a fabulous time and after a quick lunch (and too much Rose !!!) we spent the afternoon talking about parties and party prop shopping. Bird is so much fun, such a lovely and kind person and I hope we will meet again in the future.

Bird is the talented lady behind Bird’s Party printables and Bird’s Party magazine and If you missed the interview I did of her about two months ago, then read it here.

Small frames of delicious looking cakes !!!


  1. Hello Virginie,

    Isn't it amazing to be able to meet other bloggers?
    It seems to be that you both had a such a great time!


  2. Hi Gabriela,
    Yes it is pretty amazing because when I started blogging, I did not realise that I would also make friends in the process. I keep meeting amazing people from around the world ! What a wonderful experience !!!

  3. LOVED meeting you and had such a blast! felt like I'd know you for ages! And was not just the Rosé talking! ;D

    The "it's gotta be a cake" picture makes me chuckle even today!

    Hopefully the first of many! ;)


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