22 August 2012

Children's Artwork Folder

My little girl is an artist ! from the moment she was able to hold a crayon in her hand, she’s never ceased to amaze me with her drawing. She has an eye for detail and will come up with wonderful ideas !
One of her very first “proper” drawing was of a big, potatoe type character, WITH GLASSES ! even then ( she was only 3 ) detail was everything.

Soon after, she started producing vast amounts of artwork, so the idea of a folder to record the best ones came naturally. We cannot keep every single drawing and our house has not enough walls for all of them to be displayed ! So I go through them several times a year and keep only the very best ones, the more original or unusual.

I needed a folder big enough, both in size and in the number of page. And I found the perfect one at Paperchase, one of my favourite shops !
I now regularly glue her best “pieces” in it and it is amazing to realize the progress she’s made !

A3 Kraft Scrapbook

How do you organise your kids’ artwork ???


  1. Hello Virginie,

    Ohhh...yes she is!!! Love that cute witch!


  2. Great idea - and a very impressive way to honor your child and also not drown under piles of paper! Here are some more ideas for storing, displaying and making keepsakes from kids’ art. http://www.happydoodles.com/blogs/news/6041344-63-of-parents-feel-guilty-about-ditching-kids-artwork


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