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11 June 2012

{Shop} Latest find for a Ballerina Party

I was out shopping in Monsoon last week and look what I found, a few items perfect for a Ballerina Party. I immediately bought the necklace and bracelet set for my daughter to wear at her party and I am thinking of getting her the Ballet bag as well.

I also wanted to draw your attention to the fact that ASDA sell Angelina Ballerina mini water bottles ! I saw these at a Birthday a couple of weeks ago, and I had to get some for my daughter's party ! If you buy these for a Ballerina Party, you don't even need to change the labels !

I usually struggle to match the water bottles to my colour schemes since the caps are only ever blue or purple. So this was such a good find ! And they also have yellow ones (Sponge Bob).
I never imagined I would get excited over a water bottle !!! ;-)

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