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25 May 2012

{Cupcakes} Jubilee Cupcakes

This is my take on the Jubilee. Red and Blue are not colours I usually work with so I enjoyed experimenting and I am quite pleased with the results.
I wanted to inspire you and demonstrate that you can achieve stunning results by adding a few simple decorations to your cupcakes.

They are caramel mud cupcakes (very yummy I should say!) with vanilla cream cheese frosting.

So here we go, 4 ways to decorate your cupcakes for the Jubilee celebrations or a street party:

- Pipe a little icing on top of a cupcake and gently press a Union Jack fondant cupcake topper on.

- Add red and blue cutout flowers (I used small blossom cutters).  Wet the centre with water using a small brush and "glue" red/blue/white hundreds and thousand on the flowers.

- Create multi-coloured icing by painting blue and red lines of paste food colouring in your piping bag before filling with frosting. Pipe icing and add a little fondant heart dipped in red sprinkle.

- Simply pipe a swirl of frosting, sprinkle red/white/blue hundreds and thousands and add a mini paper bunting held by two wooden skewers.
To hold bunting, carefully split one end of the skewer using a knife and insert twine:

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