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31 March 2012

{Easter} Decorated Cream Egg Animals - More designs and TUTORIAL

So how do you find my little decorated Cream eggs ? Cute aren't they ? I learned this technique a few years ago during a cake decorating course (at Basildon College, Essex, UK) and I really enjoyed the fact that from a cream egg and some marzipan you can practically create any character you like !

As you know on wednesday I posted the full tutorial to make the duck over at Bird's Party. But to make it easy for you, I have decided to include the tutorial at the bottom of this post as well.

You can make as many designs as you want, just experiment ! The method is always the same. Start with a base of egg+biscuit, then add marzipan details.

So I also made a little elephant with a funny crown and an another animal which was supposed to be a rabbit but which actually looks more like a mouse or even a cat...!

Anyway just have fun and scroll all the way down for a fun unexpected character.

Decorated Cream Eggs - TUTORIAL to make a little duck

For this project you will need:
- Cadbury Cream eggs
- Chocolate covered biscuits
- White Marzipan
- Icing sugar
- Optional: a tiny amount of white sugarpaste (for the eyes)

- Cocktail sticks
- Small brush
- Chopstick
- Knife
- Paste colors (yellow, orange, and a color of your choice for the hat)
- Black food decoration pen (or a very tiny amount of back marzipan)

First, start off by making your bases.
Simply melt a little bit of chocolate (dark or milk chocolate, it does not matter), dip in the bottom of your egg and place the egg in the centre of the chocolate covered biscuit. Leave to dry for a few minutes.
If you are making several decorations, do all the bases now so the chocolate has time to set before you start adding the marzipan.

Then we make the feet
Color some marzipan orange (use a cocktail stick to add a little bit of orange color paste to the marzipan).
Spread a little icing sugar on your work area to prevent the marzipan from sticking to your worktop.
Make a ball of marzipan and cut in half with a knife. That way you get two balls of the same size for the feet !
Model each ball into a drop shape. Flatten by pressing down gently with you finger and use the chopstick to make webbed feet.
Use a little bit of chocolate to attach the feet to the chocolate covered biscuit base.

To make the wings, color some marzipan yellow.
Make a ball and cut in half with the knife. Roll the two halves in two balls.
Flatten each ball with a mini rolling pin or your finger.
Bend slightly so you get roughly the shape of a potato chip.
Use a little bit of melted chocolate to attach the wing to the egg/body.
Find something to support the wing while the chocolate sets. I used the cocktail stick box.

Roll a big yellow ball for the head and glue on top of the egg with a little bit of melted chocolate.

To make the beak, roll a small amount of orange marzipan in a ball. Press the ball with your fingers so you get one fat side and one flat side. Cut the fat side in two with the knife. Model in the shape of a beak.

Using the brush, slightly wet the area of the head where the beak goes. Attach the beak and hold in place for a few seconds.

Roll two tiny balls of white sugarpaste for the eyes. Wet them with a damp brush to make the sugarpaste sticky and press them on the head. Use the food safe pen to mark a dot in the centre of the eyes.

Finish of by making a nice hat for your little duck.
I decided on a dark red hat so I colored some marzipan with "claret".
Roll a small ball and a sausage long enough to go round the ball.
Make the sausage into a ring and place the ball on top using a damp brush to make the contact area sticky.
Add a little ornament if you so wish. I used a tiny blossom cutter to make the flower.

Use a damp brush to remove any left over icing sugar.

Remember: To assemble the duck just follow these two simple rules
Glue marzipan on chocolate with melted chocolate
Glue marzipan on marzipan with water



  1. Hi V, just looking for the Gruffalo crème egg creation, I'm sure you have shown me a pic in the past and it was excellent. Where is it hiding?

  2. Hi Diane,
    here it is !


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