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1 February 2012

{Party table} Valentine's day table

Hope you will enjoy the pictures.

I was really happy with how the completed table turned up.
The light could have been better but unfortunately the weather was terrible on sunday... Also I do need a "proper" camera, mine is just not good enough (sorry, writing it down for my husband to read... just in case !)

I would love to know what you think !

*** UPDATE***
I am hoping this will answer most of your questions but please leave me a comment if you would like to know something else.

Dessert and treats:
Vanilla panna cotta with raspberry coulis
Chocolate brownie bites
Chocolate mud cake with chocolate cream cheese buttercream, covered in red sugarpaste roses (Inspired from Peggy Porschen Bed of Roses cake)
Red velvet cake with vanilla cream cheese buttercream. Visit I am Baker's tutorial to find out how to make the piped roses.
- Red velvet cake pops
- Heart shaped chocolates (From John Lewis)
- Cherry lips sweets (from local sweet shop)
- Bailey's individual Cheesecakes: now this was my first attempt at making cheesecakes and since I was using the glass containers (not suitable for oven use) I had to use a no-bake cheesecake recipe. Unfortunately they were not so good so I have decided not to share the recipe since I would not recommend them.

For party decorations you can read this previous post
- tutorial for the paper flower ball from the House of Smiths
- Subway art printable from Every Creative Endeavor

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  1. It's gorgeous Virginie, what are the small glasses on the left? Or rather what's in them?

  2. Vanilla panna cotta with raspberry coulis...

  3. It's so pretty! Intimate and loving made!!! and AMAZING desserts! Did you make them all yourself?

    If you ever need printables for your events just let me know? :)

  4. Thanks !
    Apart from the little heart shaped chocolates (from John Lewis), yes, I made them all.... I did a lot of baking last week !
    Recipes are in previous posts.
    I am glad you think it looks intimate as it is exactly the feeling I wanted to express here !

  5. This table is so beautiful! You did an amazing job! :) I found you through Sundae Scoop and am a new follower!

  6. Wow, you did a beautiful job with the desserts! They look so yummy. Your table looks beautiful!

    Would love for you to post it on my website

    Have a great day!
    A community to Create - Share - Inspire

  7. Hi Chrissy and welcome ! thanks for following

  8. Thank you so much Susan, I would love for the table to be posted on your website !!!
    Let me know what I should do, shall I submit it on your website ?

  9. What a fun party table - and thank you so much for using my Valentine Printable!!! I would love if you would please link to it so others can find it too! Thank you!!


  10. Hi Amanda
    I did link back to your printable from a previous post
    Thank you for this great printable

  11. So cute and simple. I love it! I tend to Over DO and this looks great! Love all the desserts!

  12. Just think this is a fabulous dessert table for Valentine's day. Found you from Sunday Showcase at Under the Table and Dreaming. Your glass jar with the white heart lid is quite nice.I have been looking around to find the names of all your desserts. The white with red topping is the panne cotta, the rose cake is chocolate with a chocolate cream cheese filling. What is the white rose item? What is in the dishes with the chocolate shavings? Can you post recipe for the last one I asked about? Andrea in Calif.

  13. Hi
    following several comments asking for more info and recipes, I have added an update at the bottom of the post with all the links.
    I love reading your comments, so please, keep them coming !!!

  14. Thanks for posting your table on my website! I featured it on the website and shared it on Facebook! Your desserts are amazing. I look forward to seeing more from you!

    Stop back and grab a button!

  15. Thanks for doing the updated links!
    Andrea in Calif.

  16. Wow! Everything is so beautiful! Love it!
    I'm your newest follower! :)


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