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5 February 2012

Parties recap

To all my dear readers and new followers (thank you so much for following, and if you don't follow me yet, please join in !!!), here is a little recap of my parties and tables.

For an adult Birthday or Father's Day


  1. Hi Virginie,

    Rachel Hills told me all about your blog and it is amazing!! I'm hooked already and just want to bake and create!

    I have never seen tables like this and they look gorgeous. May habe to pop round and learn your techniques!!

    See you soon
    From your latest follower!
    Jennie xx

  2. Hi Jennie
    thank you for your kind words and thanks for following !

  3. Seems you are good not just in decorations and cakes but also your pictures are with lovely character and quality!

    1. Thank you ! I still have a lot to learn about photography... Glad you're enjoying reading the blog.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. You're not on Pinterest?! I would SO much rather follow you there. I get WAY TOO MANY emails!

    Lisa H.

    1. Hi, I am on pinterest and completely addicted to it actually but for now I keep it seperate from the blog.... I store all my party ideas on pinterest so I think it would spoil the surprise a little bit when I unveil a project... You can always join with facebook...
      Hope you'll pop round again

  6. I just loved everything from your blog ;)


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