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22 January 2012

{Sweet table} Valentine's Day inspiration

I am in the process of creating a mini table for Valentine's Day and today I though I would share some of my inspiration.
My colour scheme is red and white with a little bit of black too (to allow for some dark chocolate treats...!). And the theme is based around red roses...

Let's start with two beautiful tables:

What a genius idea to use envelopes for the background !

I think having an all white table can be very challenging but they did 
a brilliant job and I love the red accents. How cute is that ruffle mini cake ?

Now for the decorations:
I will be trying to make a paper rose ball like this one from The House of Smiths, in red to match my colours. Their tutorial is pretty good.

I find these love tickets from the Silhouette store so cute, so I will have to try and find them a little spot on my table.

What would Valentine's day be without love words:

Subway art form Every Creative Endeavor

Now I "only" have the baking left to do !!!

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  1. Awesome inspiration! I'm creating a concept myself with the same color scheme...although I won't be doing a sweets table though...unfortunately I'm not much of a baker! : ) Looking forward to seeing your design!
    P.s I created those rose balls last year in pink, and created more in red for my Valentine's Day project. That tutorial is awesome!


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