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9 January 2012

"Home Made" cookie stamp

What would Christmas be without gadgets and stocking fillers ? You might have guessed that I usually get some cooking/baking related gadgets in my stockings...
Well this year was no exception !!!

I got this very cute cookie stamp that says "Home Made" and I love it. Any excuse to bake cookies ! I was already making these on boxing day....

Just prepare you favorite cookie dough, roll, cut circle shapes with a cutter and stamp before baking as usual.


Love Homemade !

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  1. Thanks for shearing!! this is amazing. want one :)

  2. So nice, I want one too!
    Nice blog, congratulations from Portugal!
    The recipe of chocolate cookies, I have one but is not so dark as yours. Take a look at
    xxx Sofia

  3. Thank you !
    For these cookies I have used my basic cookie recipe. These biscuits were quite crisp, not soft.

    Try this recipe without the lemon zest and replace 50g of plain flour by 50g of coca powder.
    Hope this helps


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