9 January 2012

"Home Made" cookie stamp

What would Christmas be without gadgets and stocking fillers ? You might have guessed that I usually get some cooking/baking related gadgets in my stockings...
Well this year was no exception !!!

I got this very cute cookie stamp that says "Home Made" and I love it. Any excuse to bake cookies ! I was already making these on boxing day....

Just prepare you favorite cookie dough, roll, cut circle shapes with a cutter and stamp before baking as usual.


Love Homemade !

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  1. Thanks for shearing!! this is amazing. want one :)

  2. So nice, I want one too!
    Nice blog, congratulations from Portugal!
    The recipe of chocolate cookies, I have one but is not so dark as yours. Take a look at http://pontosdeacucar.blogspot.com/
    xxx Sofia

  3. Thank you !
    For these cookies I have used my basic cookie recipe. These biscuits were quite crisp, not soft.

    Try this recipe http://thatcutelittlecake.blogspot.com/2011/12/recipe-lemon-christmas-tree-cookies.html without the lemon zest and replace 50g of plain flour by 50g of coca powder.
    Hope this helps


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