29 June 2011

Mini Cupcake Stands

They seem to be the latest trend and I have to admit, they are super cute. I can't wait to find an occasion to use them !
They can be used as a display on a dessert table or better still as a place marker for each guest.

This handmade pottery stand is from Vessels and Wares on Etsy. It is $28 plus shipping so it is more of a unique piece but I just love the linen colour and sweet stamping.

Now the good news is you can quite easily make some yourself. Here are two option .

You can go for a wooden mini stand. It is quick and easy to assemble and you can paint it to match your colour scheme. It was created by Modern Moments Designs and you can find the complete tutorial here.

Or you could choose the even easier option of a paper printable ! You can download the free template at A House Full of Moxie. Thanks a lot for the freebie ! 

Fruit salad anyone ?

Tried to make a rainbow out of fruit yesterday evening...
Good thing is the girls loved watching me prepare it and were eager to eat it !!! Should try and make rainbow food more often... I wonder if it would wok as well with vegetables !

27 June 2011

Rainbow party Favors

Right, I know I had tons of ideas in mind for party bag favors, nice homemade gifts such as funky shaped recycled crayons but it's not gonna happen ! I have so little time these days that I have decided to buy the favors. However I still wanted something crafty, and no sweets as my little girl is still not allowed to have them.

So I wondered what a 2 year old would enjoy playing with and automatically thought of play dough. I purchased some mini tubs of PlayDoh and a box of colourful cutters (both from ebay) and voila ! They fit well with the rainbow theme I think, and that should look good on the dessert table.


The perfect ribbon (from the local craft shop, brand is Dovecraft), it matches the party colours perfectly:


The bucket is from the gardening section at Asda (a supermarket here in the uk)

25 June 2011


A couple of days ago while my older daughter helped me stick the rainbow labels on the bottles for her sister's party, we started talking about her birthday. She decided back in January that she wanted a "We're going on a bear hunt" party this year. And although her birthday is not until september she hasn't changed her mind on the theme and talks about it nearly everyday !

She is going to be 5 this year and very keen to get involved, so I have agreed to let her help with the party prep. With this in mind I have tried to think about some labels that she can assemble herself. We are going to use a bear punch, a circle punch and some nice scrapbook paper and she will be able to glue them all together.
I showed her what I had in mind and she liked it. I then let her play with with the punches and some paper and here is what she came up with.... so sweet !

23 June 2011

Getting ready for a Rainbow Birthday !

Chloe's birthday is fast approaching and it is time to get ready for her party. With the birth of our third child 2 months ago, I now have a limited amount of time and also a limited amount of energy due to sleep deprivation, but as I tried to plan early, we should be fine !

During the winter months I spent a few evening designing some labels.
I purchased some clip art circles from viveradesign on Etsy and used them with a spotty or stripy background I created in Publisher. The circles are actually quite cute with their line of hearts.


The water bottles are ready:

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