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25 June 2011


A couple of days ago while my older daughter helped me stick the rainbow labels on the bottles for her sister's party, we started talking about her birthday. She decided back in January that she wanted a "We're going on a bear hunt" party this year. And although her birthday is not until september she hasn't changed her mind on the theme and talks about it nearly everyday !

She is going to be 5 this year and very keen to get involved, so I have agreed to let her help with the party prep. With this in mind I have tried to think about some labels that she can assemble herself. We are going to use a bear punch, a circle punch and some nice scrapbook paper and she will be able to glue them all together.
I showed her what I had in mind and she liked it. I then let her play with with the punches and some paper and here is what she came up with.... so sweet !

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