28 May 2014

{Craft} Patriotic Wreath - 4th July

I am really excited by the project I am sharing today. I made this wreath out of paper stars for the 4th of July and I absolutely love it !!!

I made my first wreath last fall (see it here) and I liked having a wreath on my front door so much that I decided to make one for each season/holiday this year :)
So far I have made a snowflake wreath for our Frozen party (it will be a perfect Winter Wreath) and a Spring one that I still have to share.

So here is my take on a Patriotic Wreath !!! Hope you like it too :)
See more pictures and the full tutorial on Catch My Party today !!!


  1. Hi Virginie! What a great July 4th wreath! Saw it at i heart nap time and had to let you know how much I like it and pinning! Hope you have a happy weekend!

  2. Thank you so much Cindy !
    Have a great week end too :)

  3. i love your 4th of july wreath ty for shareing i pined and tweetd it and fb to

  4. love your wreath! the stars make it perfect :) Stop by our Snickerdoodle Sunday sometime, we would love to see you!

  5. Stopping by from Link 'n /blog's. This is adorable! Pinned and scheduled to share via FB and Twitter. Blessings...Shari

  6. Hey there, I LOVE this craft and attempted it this week. I had a little bit of trouble, becaue I couldn't tell what size wreath you used, I thought it was 18", but I used that size and I wasn't able to overlap my stars as well as yours. I counted how many you had and cut the same amount, at least I think so! Thank you for the additional information. I was also wondering what size wreath you used for the Snowflake wreath?

    Nicole Gunning

  7. Thank you all for your sweet comments :)

    Nicole, for both the July 4th Star Wreath and the Frozen Snowflakes one I used a smaller 12 inch wreath.
    I would love to see how yours turned out ! so don't hesitate to send me some pics :)

  8. This is such a cute wreath! I'm thinking about making something similar for our door. Thanks for sharing the tutorial.

  9. How many stars of each size & color did you make? Do you know how many sheets of the red, white & blue paper you need?


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