17 April 2013

{Fireman Party} Birthday Banner Inspiration

Today I wanted to share with you where the inspiration for my Fireman Birthday Banner came from.

I pinned this cute little banner a while back (when I was still looking for airmail ideas...!) and I though it would be perfect for this fireman party if I was to use some tissue paper fire at the bottom instead of a plain color.
I would never have dared glitter for a boy party but I think it totally works !
Glittered Banner from the Purple Pug

While looking for inspiration on Etsy (my favourite place to look when I want some custom design ideas) I found this adorable banner from Celebration Paper and I immediately decided to have a truck at the end of my banner too.

I really liked the hand drawn look of this fire truck from Khoshtinat Designs but I could not find anything resembling it in the Silhouette library. So I ended up hand drawing a similar design myself and hand cutting it... 


  1. That fringed, glittered banner is actually my original design created for the postal party.

    Adorable fireman party. Very creative.

  2. Thanks Kristy. I will add you link too!

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