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4 November 2014

{Pop Star Party} Invitations

We celebrated my eldest daughter's birthday a few weeks ago and the fact she chose a Pop Star Birthday theme was no surprise ! She loves music and singing. It's so funny to see her grow up and become a pre-teenager !!! She is into Taylor Swift and Katy Perry and I love watching her pretend-perform for us :)

It is a big change for me to "work" with an 8 year old. Up to recently, my kids would choose a theme, maybe a color scheme, but I would be pretty free to do whatever I liked to prepare for the birthday party. However this year my girl was really hands on ! She was set on the color scheme from the start, she wanted stars and microphones (NO guitar !), and she wanted microphone invitations !
I consulted her every step of the way and she made all the big choices for her party. It was such a fantastic experience for me, both as a mother and a wannabe party planner !

So here are the invitations we designed for her Pop Star Birthday Party.

They are pretty straightforward to make:
Use this template and cut out the microphones in black card stock and the circles in glittered card. Then simply fold the microphone part in two and glue a glittered circle to the front.
Use a silver or gold pen to write the details inside.

We added a couple of self-adhesive rhinestones to the front for the microphone switches.

Find the template HERE

The girls we invited got very excited with the invitations, I think they really set the tone for the party that was to come...

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