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5 November 2013

{Sweet Little Pumpkin Party} A few more party pics

I hope you enjoyed all the pictures from the Sweet Little Pumpkin Party last week.
Today I wanted to add a few more pictures of the games we played.

Since it was a only playdate it felt a lot more relaxed than our usual Birthday Parties.
We listened to some Halloween kid music and we had a lot of fun playing with the confetti wands from Party City and some balloons while dancing and singing !

I had filed some balloons with homemade confetti and hung them outside. The girls had to stand under them and try and pop them with a wooden stick to which I had taped a cocktail stick. I can't believe how much the girls enjoyed it ! They were thrilled every time one of them managed to pop a balloon !

We also had our first ever Piñata (a perfect way to use up some of the Halloween candy by the way, we got so much !). We chose the Pumpkin Pinata from Party City which came with two sheets of stickers to personalize it ! The girls really enjoyed decorating it.

And now it's time to get ready for xmas !!! My favourite season of all.

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  1. Love the balloons filled with confetti idea! and watch out, pinata's can be addictive - they are just so much fun, I'd like to have them at every party :)


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