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24 September 2013

{Detective Party} Detective Kits

On the day of the party, a crime will be committed and our little guest will have to solve the mystery ! So of course they're going to need a proper kit to help them become real detectives !!!
What a fun thing to put those kits together and I know for sure the children will love taking them home.

Since I have been washi-ing everything for this party (!) I had to put washi tape on the kit items too !! Every guest will be assigned a color for the party so the children will be able to recognise their stuff.

Kits included a mini magnifying glass, a test tube, gloves, a notepad and a pencil. At first, I considered adding ink pads for fingerprinting to every kit, but in the end I decided that 8 children "armed" with ink pads in the house could be a very bad idea !!!

I found the magnifying glasses (they came in different colours which was perfect to match with my tapes) and test tubes (plastic shot glasses !) at Diddams.

The notepads (from Target) were the only items displaying an assortment of washi tapes on them. After seeing this post on the Catch My Party blog, I decided it would be fun to simply embellish the notepads with different colours and patterns.


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