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17 July 2013

{Craft} Super Easy Pirate bunting

I could not resist this super cute pirate bunting fabric I found over at Jo Ann (and it was on offer, one more reason to get it !)

I originally wanted to design matching papers and make paper buntings to decorate our garden for the party, but then I found this fabric and it is perfect !
The flags are pretty small but since I made quite a few buntings it should look good.

I did not cut the flags individually, instead I kept each row of flags together.

I decided to apply starch to the fabric before cutting to try and limit the fraying. The flags looked fine and didn't seem to want to fray but since the top edge was loosing threads I decided to sew a ribbon. It gives the bunting a more finished look even though it took a while to sew 26 yards of ribbon !!!

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