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7 June 2013

{Father's Day idea} Mini Tiered Cake

Have you ever made a full size tiered cake ? I haven't !! Although I have made quite a few decorated cake, I have never had the opportunity to make a tiered cake, and the main reason is because they serve far too many people...! We only ever have small gatherings, even for the children's birthdays, so there is never the need for such a big cake...

However I love the style of a tiered cake, they are so elegant and they just scream "Celebration".
I decided to create a mini version for Father's day so my husband could get HIS cake for once !

This could project not be simpler.
You just need:
A cake of your choice (we plan on making a brownie, my husband's favourite, for father's day, but for the purpose of this tutorial I used a store bought flourless chocolate cake)
Circle cutters in 3 different sizes (mine were 6, 4 and 2 inches)
Optional: Icing, decorations

 Use the cutters to cut out 3 round shapes

Assemble the cake, starting with the biggest shape first. The cake I used was quite "sticky" so I did not need any icing to "glue" the tiers together. But if you use a sponge cake, you might want to pipe a little frosting in between the layers so you cake stays assembled when you move it...
Now you can decorate your cake with sprinkles, toppers or piped icing.

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