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20 March 2013

Craft Room Makeover

I have been wanting some craft room cabinets for a while but nobody seems to sell such furniture in England... (anybody want to start a new business ??).
So now that I am in the US, I have finally been able to order new furniture !!! I am very excited, however it's going to take me forever to put them up, there are all self-assembly !!!
I can't wait to share the pictures of my new "work" space with you.

As you can see from the pictures above, my current work space is a mess. I haven't really been able to sit down at the desk since we moved a month ago, because there is always so much junk "appearing" on it. Everybody just dumps things there and the children constantly help themselves and play with my supplies (no, not funny when whole boxes of buttons end up on the floor !). So I need storage, with doors that close ! And a BIG table where I can actually do some work (this mini desk is far too small for any project).
I won't be able to do anything to the walls though because we are renting this house, so they will stay plain white. But fortunately I have fantastic windows right there so I can get plenty of natural light and they are a nice feature.

After seeing this craft room makeover, I really wanted to invest in some cabinets form The Original  Scrapbox. However, after reading reviews and looking closely at the designs, I decided these were not for me. They definitely seem more suitable to scrapbookers or quilters. All the little drawers might not be as convenient for me since my party supplies can be a bit bulky. A few reviews also commented on the very high price tag for self-assembly furniture.
So I kept looking. And I found exactly what I was looking for at the Home Decorators Collection (I am not getting paid or receiving any compensation from this company, I am just sharing with you the furniture I liked most). Funnily enough their craft room storage collection is from the Martha Stewart range, I should have known !

I ordered the big storage cabinet on the left and a craft table. Mine are off white (picket fence to be exact) but they come in grey, green and dark wood too. Although white might not look the greatest right now with the white walls, I need something that will work for me long term. And if I ever get to decorate my own craft room, I will definitely put some colour on the walls, so white should look great then.

I have also treated myself to a beautiful stool from Restoration Hardware (love this shop!) and I adore its vintage look.

Now, all that's left to do is to open the boxes, all 5 of them !!! Wish me luck.

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