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11 March 2013

{Craft} Easter animals jars


I am sooo in love with my new cutie jars !!!
What a difference a can of spray paint makes... ;-)

How do you like them ? Aren't they the sweetest thing ?
I followed Torie Jayne's tutorial and I was lucky enough to be able to source the same animal figurines she used. The details on the animals are pretty good, even covered in paint, so I would advice on using Schleich animals if you can.


  1. Quedan genial y muy divertidos.

  2. I made these also, from Torie Jayne's blog, I used rabbits I found from the Dollar Tree, and used my hot glue gun which worked fine. My grandkids are gonna love them !

  3. They look great! Love the little lamb
    Have a sweet day!


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