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25 February 2013

{Craft} Easter Inspiration

Now that I have all my supplies in order, I can start crafting for Easter. Yay !
I have borrowed loads of books recently from my local library and since they have a great craft book selection, I have been able to stock up on some fantastic inspiration.
Here are some of my favourite project that I will be making for this year's Easter table.

Easter Jars (from Martha Stewart's Handmade Holiday Crafts, also on here website here)
These are absolutely adorable !!

Bunny Jars from Torie Jane
This is one of my favorite British blog and I read it everyday. It has the perfect mix of craft, baking and interior design and I love the colours Torie uses in her creation.
Those bunny jars are super sweet and I think they would go well mixed with the Martha Stewart jars above.

These cute fabric cupcake toppers are from A Spoonful of Sugar (tutorial here)

I was in Sur La Table yesterday and I completely fell in love with these bunny spoons ! I just couldn't resist and had to get them ;-) The whole Easter range is very cute.

And finally, how do you find this idea of using an egg box to hold cupcakes ? Genius !
You can trust Meri Meri to come up with this sweet design. This British brand sells the most gorgeous party ware !


  1. Such pretty ideas and products! Hope you'll be posting about your Easter projects soon. :-)

  2. Thanks. And yes, I will be posting new projects later on this week !


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