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23 October 2012

{Cookies} Jack O' Lantern Halloween Cookies

How about some fun Cookies for Halloween ? Those Jack O' Lantern little biscuits are sure to bring a smile to anybody's face and there are pretty easy to make !

What you will need: 

- Chocolate sugar cookie dough (use a recipe that does not spread while baking)
- Buttercream
- orange food coloring (I use paste/gel colors)
- Pumpkin cookie cutters

Here is how !
1 - Roll the cookie dough and cut some pumpkin shapes. Place them on a tray and freeze for 10-15 minutes.
2 - Take out a couple of pumpkin shapes from the freezer and use a sharp knife to "carve" the face features
3 - Push the cutouts through with the end of the knife. Because the dough is very cold, you will be able to hold the shape in you hands.
4 - Keep going until HALF of your pumpkins have been carved.
5 - Bake all the shapes. You should have the same number of "faces" (carved) and backs (plain)
6 - Let the cookies cool completely

7 - Color the buttercream orange and spread a thick layer on each back
8 - if you wish to make lollies, insert a stick in the frosting
9 - Cover with a face and press gently until the frosting comes through the eyes and mouth
10 - If making lollies you have to wait until the buttercream has dried, it takes about a day.

As seen in Bird's Party Magazine, Fall 2012 issue !!!
Printable Labels: Bird's Party

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