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28 August 2012

{Back to School} Breakfast preparations

Well, I've had a busy evening ! After reading this post form Giggles Galore  this morning I was totally inspired and I decided to make something special for my daughter's first day back at school too. The idea of a little breakfast celebration is genius ! It will certainly give her a good start of the day and of the school year.

Because I am at work all day and Noemie's going back to school on thursday, my options are limited. So I have two nights to pull this off, using only things I already have in the house ! Oh I love a challenge !!!

So tonight, I crafted and I crafted some more... I have reused lots of Mariah's ideas.

First I decorated some milk bottles using black paper and a chalk board marker.
Then I made some place mats by laminating printed paper. I traced the blue and red lines in Microsoft Word and then added the message and doodles using free fonts.
(Fonts: Have a great day: Little Days alt, Doodles: Wendy doodles)

I also made a banner by printing a message and tying it with red gingham ribbon (Font is Schoolhouse printed A)

And finally I printed these free cards from the TomKat Studio to use as toppers

Sinceshe takes a fruit snack and a water bottle to school, I decorated some small bottle with free Back to School printable paper from Bird's Party. I also printed these super cute stickers from Oh Happy Day to stick on apples and bananas.

And that's it for tonight ! Tomorrow I will bake some muffins, I have to decide between chocolate chips or apple and cinnamon... what do you think ??

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  1. Soooo cute!! LOVE the ideas! can't wait to see what you pull together!! Such a fab idea for little ones! :)


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