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26 June 2012

{Ice Cream Party} Favors

Well I have been thinking about this for a while and I have also spent quite a lot of time online trying to figure out the perfect favours for this ice cream party.

Our little guest will all be around 3 years of age, so even though there are tons of super cute ice cream related stationery, I just can see the point for children this young... My daughter certainly can’t draw properly yet and I don’t think she would particularly enjoy getting a pen and eraser as gift (however cute they might be!).
I am not too keen on sweets either, and they will get little bags of ice cream shaped chocolates during the party anyway.
I thought about cute hairclips with felt ice creams, but we have invited several little boys too, so that wouldn’t work since I can’t think of any boy equivalent...

So what could I get them ???

Well, the answer was obvious and I can’t believe it took me so much time to come to that conclusion: mini tubs of homemade ice cream to take away !!!

All that's left is to package them with cute embellishments.
Here is some inspiration for tub decorating !!!

1 - Ice cream tubs favors (with free printables) by One Charming Party

I must admit I had trouble sourcing the tubs but I finally got them: small (8oz) white paper tubs with paper lids from the Little Candy Co on ebay.
That was one the only place I found selling the 8oz tubs in small quantities.

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