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4 May 2012

{The Pink Week} Cherry Blossom Fondant Fancies

By now you probably know I absolutely love Peggy Porschen's work. Her books are so inspiring and her cakes are quite simply works of art!
So it will be no surprise to you to see here that I have attempted her beautiful Cherry Blossom fondant fancies as featured on the cover of her book Cake Chic (read the review here).

I like her Victoria Sponge recipe so no surprise here, the cake with black cherry jam filling was lovely. But I was not happy with the icing. It proved to be more tricky that I expected...
I found it difficult to achieve the right icing consistency and I would have liked more details in the book about this step...
However I still find them really cute and they are the perfect bite size !

I tried 2 different types of icing:
- First, I used sugarpaste, heated very gently in the microwave (30 second increments, do not let it burn or it will be ruined) and thinned with some water. This is the light pink fondant. It is still too thick so the shape of the fancies is a bit bumpy. The original recipe calls for some glucose syrup but it made the paste even thicker... Not sure how to use it, any advice welcome!
- Then I used a sachet of powdered fondant by Squire Kitchen. It was easy to use and the shine on the finished fondant is lovely BUT it is too thin so it does not cover the cake well...

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