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4 March 2012

{Partyware} My shot glasses "collection"

You don't have to break the bank when buying china for your dessert tables. Just shop around a bit.

Supermarkets now sell plastic shot glasses in the partyware aisle.
Charity shops are an amazing place to shop. I found 4 mini glasses for £1 last week !
Recycle ! Some brands sell individual desserts in glasses or plastic containers, just wash and reuse !

Buy different shapes and sizes so you have a little selection.
By choosing clear containers, you are sure to be able to use them over and over again as they will match any colour scheme.

1. Traditional tequila shot glass (which I have had for years, since Uni in fact...!)
2. Recycled plastic container from individual dessert sold in supermarket
3. £2 for 4 in a charity shop !
4. £1 for 4 in a charity shop !!!
5. set of 8 "verrines" with their spoons (bought in France where they are quite popular)
6. Plastic shot glass, from the partyware aisle (Sainsbury's)

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