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15 December 2011

{Cookies} How to make standing gingerbread Christmas trees

There has been a lot of baking in our house lately and this is because I am preparing a little Christmas sweet table. I am going for an "Hansel and Gretel" theme, so the central piece is a gingerbread house and the rest of the table will be representing the forest of sweets and treats.

Today I am sharing with you a little tutorial on how to make standing Christmas tree cookies.

First you need to prepare your favorite gingerbread recipe (I will be sharing mine tomorrow).
Cut some tree shapes as well as some circles or squares for the bases and bake.
Decorate the trees with royal icing and let them dry.

You then need to prepare the bases by digging a little slot for the base of your trees to fit in. I used a vegetable peeler and it worked quite well.
Use more royal icing to cover the bases (that's the "snow") and fill the slot.

Just insert the tree in the slot and let dry overnight.
The icing being quite thick you will not need to hold them once they are in position.

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