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28 September 2011

{Book Review} Bake me I'm yours...Cookie

Today I am reviewing Bake me I'm yours...Cookie from Lindy Smith

This is a cute little book packed with ideas for decorating cookies and although I'm not keen on the taste of fondant covered cookies, most designs can be reproduced with royal icing.

Click here to have a look inside the book on

The book opens with is a good technical chapter. The author details the equipment you may need and shares basic cookie recipes. There is a step by step guide (with pictures) on how to ice with fondant and royal icing. All the different techniques are really well explained and make cookie decorating accessible to all.
The big advantage of using fondant is that you can achieve pretty good results even if you are a beginner. I would say this book is suitable for all levels.

The rest of the book is full of ideas for different occasions (wedding, christening, Christmas...). For every design there is a good size picture and a detailed explanation of the decorating process.
I like decorating cookies because the scale of the project is smaller than a complete cake. With just a few cookies you can try different designs. They also make great presents, for a birthday or christmas.

Here are a few designs I like (pictures from

There is an extensive cookie picture gallery on Lindy Smith's website here.

I fell in love with this Happy Feet design and reproduced it with royal icing as a thank you favor when my daughter was born.

My cookies:

The bake me I'm yours range includes the following books:
- Cupcake
- Cupcake Love
- Cupcake Celebration
- Cake pops
- Chocolate
- Christmas (a new one, definitely on my xmas list !)
- Woopie pies (a new trend apparently)

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