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12 January 2011

Rainbow Party Inspiration - 1

Funny how there seems to be party trends ! For some reason, Rainbows were "in" last year and suddenly every party blog was featuring Rainbow parties !

Although I might be a year late, the talented ladies behind the beautiful parties I saw inspired me, and I have decided to try it myself.

This first party is from HeartFeltHandmade. I really like her work and not surprisingly, she put together a lovely Rainbow party last year.
The cake is gorgeous. It is made by Nieve-Pie cakes who I have been following on Flickr for some time.

I especially like the party bags

Those marshmallow treats are a great idea.


  1. oooh, thanks so much for featuring my party :o) I make those marshmallow pops ALL the time now, kids LOVE them (and so do I)! :o)

  2. Hi there, just found your blog from a link from the wonderful heartfelt so i thought i should say hello !

    Sara x


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