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18 January 2011

Rainbow party bags and favors

I like my party bags to be sweet free. Whenever we come back from a party, I end up taking all the sweets away as the girls aren't really allowed them. Problem is, once the sweets are gone, well there isn't much left in the bag....
Last summer we went to a cute little party where the children got some adorable pots and planted some seeds. We took the pot home and Noemie was so glad to see the plant grow. She still has the pot and we will have to put a new plant in it comes spring. She remembers the party and the friend who invited her.... this is so much more enjoyable than a bag of sweet don't you think ?

For Noemie's pirate party, the children picked a cookie and a spinwheel from the birthday table and they were also given a little pirate activity book (all homemade) with some pirate balloons.

So what could I put in my Rainbow party bag ?

Well, every craft blog I read has recently had a tutorial on how to make funny shaped crayons by melting broken ones into little moulds.
This would make the perfect favor but could be a little expensive as I would have to buy the crayons especially... We don't seem to have many broken ones at home.... I will have to look for bargains in the next few months.

You can make them any shape you like !
Pictures from Hop Skip Jump

You could use this tutorial or just search google, there are tens of them

Or I could make Chalk !

How does she ? has a tutorial here

I also like this eraser and crayon (I found very similar items on ebay):

Rainbow eraser

Rainbow crayons

And finally, what about a cookie mix:

This Rainbow cookie mix is from Scarlet Bakes and it can be purchased directly on their website.
This is a very cute idea and they also do Party Bag mixes.

Look what Bakerella came up with for her Cow girl party last year, these are stunning.

Now for the bags.

I have already shown you this goreous one from HeartFeltHandmade

I also like this one found here., it has a stamped rainbow on a simple white bag.

Or it could be as simple as using a rainbow of tissue paper

Bird Crafts sell nice Rainbow party Printables in their Etsy shop

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