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26 January 2011

Rainbow Crafts and Decorations

Here are a few ideas for the party decor and some crafts to make during the party.
Honestly ladies, where do you get all these ideas ? They're fantastic. Thanks for sharing.

I found this very cute DIY Wind Chime on All Things Made By Kelly.

Kelly has created a tutorial, so just follow the link.
I love this. You can make it yourself, it does not cost much and it uses one of my favourite things: ribbons !!!
I will most certainly be making some, for the party decor or the goody bags, I don't know yet.

I found this origami garland on Etsy. It is from a shop called Jikits. I am thinking of making a simple version of this, using some coloured carboard.
This could be a great craft to do with my daughter before the party. She seems to really enjoy being part of the preparation.

Of course I could also make some Pinwheels again. I think they look so pretty. And they do make a good gift for the children to take home.

Pinwheels form With or without nap

Buntings look great.
I love the fabric ones but the paper ones are also great for a party, super quick to make like the one I made for the pirate party last year.

Fabric bunting from With or without nap

Rainbow paper party bunting from Paperklip design on Etsy

Ribbon party bunting seen here

Finally, I think this mosaic activity from Fun In The Making could make an interesting craft for the older children attending the party.

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  1. How lovely! Thank you so much for sharing my pinwheels and bunting. I look forward to reading more on your blog. I really love the pic of your snowflake cookies, so pretty.

  2. Such a fun and colorful ideas for parties! Kids will truly love this !


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