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9 August 2010

Hairband embellished with ribbons

One of my daughter's little friends has a very cute elastic band with lots of ribbons. Because Noemie wanted one too, I had promised her we would make one, which would make it more special than a store bought one.
So on saturday we went into town to choose ribbons and buy a plain elastic band.
Of course she chose pink and sparkly but that was to be expected !!!

So here is a very straight forward tutorial, it is a very quick craft which shouldn't take you more than 15 minutes.

First, you need ribbons. I had 3 different types, 2m of each so 6m in total.
You also need an elastic band. Just pick a colour to match your ribbons.

Cut you ribbons into 20cm long pieces and melt the ends with a lighter to prevent fraying (or use some fray stop gel)

Start tying your ribbons to the elastic band. Make a double not and alternate the colours.

That's it ! And she loved it !

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