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22 July 2010

My Baby is one !!!

My baby girl is turning ONE tomorrow !!! I can't beleive this year has gone so fast...

As it's just going to be the 4 of us tomorrow, we are not having a real big party this year.
However, it still has to feel like a special day for Chloe. So we are having a little cupcake celebration in the afternoon and I have made a couple of items for her to wear.

I made a couple (I do not expect the white shirt to stay clean all day !) of applique T-shirts following the advice on Crap I've Made .

For the curly ribbons, I followed Glorious Treat's how-to.

And I found a nice little hat tutorial there. Although for mine I used tissue paper instead of crepe. I chose a nice scrapbook paper and some sparkly embellishments, all found in a local shop.

Hope the Birthday girl will agree to wear them.... we've had quite a few tantrums lately !!! yes I know, already !!! Girls eh ?


  1. Your baby is 3 now, but I want you to know that those are adorable little shirts and party hat. You are very creative. It's fun to dress up our little girls in cute baby girl outfits.


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